Friday, May 29, 2009

Spaghetti Worm

[Originally posted to the Moorea Coral Reef LTER (MCR LTER) Marine Life Encyclopedia]

Spaghetti Worm
(Family Terebellidae)

Spaghetti Worm - Family Terebellidae
Photo by Gerick Bergsma

Spaghetti worms live in tubes within sand, rubble or rocks.  The body of the worm remains hidden within its tube, and only its long feeding tentacles are usually visible radiating from the worm's tube.

Worms in this family are found throughout the world’s oceans.

shallow seafloors

Spaghetti worms eat mainly detritus.

Quick Fact
The worm's feeding tentacles can be many times longer than the worm's body, and stretch out in search of detritus and other food particles.  When food is encountered, it sticks to mucus on the tentacle's surface, and is moved down the tentacle by tiny cilia to the worm's mouth.  If disturbed, the worm will retract its tentacles into its tube.

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