Friday, July 31, 2009

Southern Bluefin Tuna

[Originally posted to the Moorea Coral Reef LTER (MCR LTER) Marine Life Encyclopedia]

Southern Bluefin Tuna - Aahi taria poto
(Thunnus maccoyii)

Southern Bluefin Tuna - Thunnus maccoyii
Photo by Gerick Bergsma

There are three species of bluefin tuna, Atlantic, Pacific and Southern, of which the Southern is the smallest and most widely distributed.  All three are popular game fish and are highly prized for sushi.  The largest may be worth as much as $50,000 in Japanese markets, where they fetch up to $200 per kilogram (~$100 per pound). 

Throughout the southern oceans

Southern Bluefin Tuna are found out in the open ocean.

Southern Bluefin feed on fish, crustaceans and squid.

Quick Fact
Bluefins, like other true tuna, are warm-blooded.  They are able to elevate their body temperatures above the surrounding water temperature using their large muscles and an intricate heat-exchange system that retains heat in the animal's core.  This allows them to be very active and powerful swimmers, even in cold water, easily out swimming their prey.

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